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Meat & Seafood

Pre-Order Meat / Seafood
Pre-orders must be placed at least 24 hrs. in advance. Pickup times must be during store business hours (*please note Holiday Hours if necessary)
Mon - Sat:     8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sun:      8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Meat & Seafood Pre-Order Request



Quality in the Meat department means security in the knowledge that every meal our customers

prepare for themselves and their families will taste delicious. Customers can depend on the quality

of all of our meats.

Signature Products

Howard's Inspirations Angus:
certified USDA Choice beef from specially selected Angus cattle. It is guaranteed to be tender, juicy

and tasty every time. It has the superior rich, beefy flavor found in the finest steak houses.

Howard's Pork:
exceptionally lean pork products designed to meet the needs of health conscious consumers. It has

been certified by the American Heart Association. It has up to 61% less fat than comparable samples

of traditional fresh pork - many cuts are actually leaner than chicken. Because it is internally lean, it

cooks 15%-20% faster than traditional pork.

Howards USDA Choice Beef:
USDA grades Choice beef of higher quality than Select. Choice beef offers a fuller, richer flavor and provides a more consistently satisfying eating experience for consumers who like to prepare their steaks and roasts medium to well-done.

Butcher Shop: A full-service butcher case available in some of our stores, provides customers with the added benefit of talking one-on-one with a professional, knowledgeable meat associate who can assist them in selecting items and offer advice on cooking techniques.

Other Products Howard's features Bell and Evan's organic-free range chicken and also

Harvestland Chicken. All Howard's chicken is antibiotic and hormone-free.

Also available a selection of veal and lamb.

Special Request by our customers for specific items or cuts are welcomed. Our knowledgeable

meat professional is prepared to assist.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction is what we strive for in our Meat departments. If you are not

completely satisfied with our product please let us know.



Quality is freshness . . . leading to the best eating experience. Our strict standards focus on

offering only the freshest seafood, taking into consideration size, color and favorable eating qualities.

Core Variety includes seafood procured both locally and from around the world . . . bringing our

customers the very best on a regular basis. Each category (shrimp, fillets, steaks, shellfish, lobster,

smoked items) contains a core variety year round and is augmented with seasonally available items.

Full Service is available in Seafood. Customers can talk one-on-one with our specialized seafood

associates for help in selecting items as well as handling, storage and preparation tips.

Value Added Items are available featuring a number of seafood items that have been prepared with 

marinades, stuffed, made into salads or are available in soups or stews. These items present new menu

opportunities and tremendous convenience.

Our quality meat & freshly delivered seafood are customized to your specific order. Giving you, our valued customer, the best experience possible!

Thank You

for Choosing

Howard's Market

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