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Howard's Groceries

In addition to your basic grocery needs, Howard's Grocery Department consists of a number of identifiable departments, each with unique strengths and variety offerings. The list of departments include:

  • Wine

  • Health Care

  • Beauty Care

  • International Foods

  • Dairy

  • Frozen Foods

  • Beer

  • Commercial Bakery

  • Baby Needs

  • Pet


You’ll find close to 30,000 different items featured in our store.

We set low prices on every item in our grocery, dairy, frozen, and non-food departments, and maintain those low prices as long as possible.

At Howard's, you can count on finding the items you need at the same low price, week after week.

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Market 1.jpg


Don't forget the sushi! Our Sushi Chef has made it his mission to capture your attention and to titillate your taste buds with his fresh made sushi rolls. Come today, and check out our variety of sushi...

  • Asian Salad

  • California Roll

  • Crunch Roll

  • Crunch Salad

  • Dynamite Roll

  • Fresh Roll

  • Garden Roll

  • Hot Tuna Roll

  • J.B. Roll

  • Pacific Roll

  • Philly Roll

  • Pink Dragon Roll

  • Rainbow Roll

  • Red Dragon Roll

  • Salmon Deluxe Roll

  • Salmon Tataki

  • Salmon Tempura

  • Sashimi




You’ll find yourself frequenting Howard's Market daily, just to get a taste of the good stuff.

Sushi Boat 1 - Copy.jpg
  • Spicy Tuna Salad Roll

  • Sunset Roll

  • Sushi Donut (Tuna)

  • Sweet Roll

  • Thai Roll

  • Tiger Shrimp Tempura Roll

  • Tuna Deluxe Roll

  • Tuna Tataki

  • Vegetable Salad Roll

Dynamite Roll.png
Dynamite Roll
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